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After many years of working with preschoolers, I have learned that we, as adults, do not give them credit for how alert they are about the world around them. We neglect teaching them within the realm of this awareness. Adults are often worried about the product and how it looks to other adults instead of seeking out the process of thought and enjoying the place where each individual child is growing. It lasts for such a short time and every parent should enjoy this time with his/her child.

Science for the preschool child is filled with wonder. His logic is perfect and his brain is keenly alert to all the little things about him. Sadly, science in the preschool room is often reduced to viewing nature. While nature is marvelous, science integrates all other intelligences into one package.

As a teacher, I take great care to not give children reason to fear things which are not harmful or otherwise misinform them on little facts that adults take for granted. More importantly, I often have to be ready to learn myself. A teacher who is always ready to learn something new, will always have something new to share with the class. In return the class will learn to look for and share new things that excite them! See if you can answer the questions on the “Ready to Learn ” quiz…


Ready to learn?

Give yourself this simple test:
(use Google or Wikipedia to check your answers)

How does a cricket make his churring?
Does a butterfly come from a cocoon?
How many eyes does a spider have?
Where do penguins live?
Does a giraffe make a vocal sound?
How do flies taste their food?
Are bats blind or do they have poor eyesight?
Can penguins fly? How do snakes smell odors?
Is it against the law to kill a praying mantis?


These are just a few of the things that are discussed in my classroom. Books, bulletin boards and activities add to the atmosphere of the hands on science area.

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Science in the Classroom

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